Bikosaur v1.2.4 — Auto-login & Local storage

A new release of Bikosaur is available today.
I added auto-login and local storage stuff.

Here are what I added:

  • If Player is not logged in, an arrow is cibling the UserMenu. Kind of a reminder to help not forget to log-in to save your Highscore;
  • Auto-login is now available. I’ve been digging into LocalStorage capabilities of HTML5 last weeks, and here it is. Anytime you open the game on a device you already played on, it’ll restore your datas from previous session – such as:
    — Your highest score;
    — Your name (if you logged in);
    — Your e-mail (if you logged in);
    — [iOS/Android] If you buy the instant app purchase to remove ads;
    — Your total games played;
    — Your total steaks collected;

Isn’t it awesome? That’s my Christmas gift to you.

Have fun, dino’s!

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