Bikosaur v1.2.3 — Major bug fixes

A new update is here with some major bug fixes.
This month was surprising! In less than 3 weeks, downloads on Android increased from less than 400 to more than 1,000.

It happened on mid-November. I guess that’s due to recent changes I made on the store page: this redesigned app icon, the application description and some more tags. I now have a conversion rate of 15% while users visit the store page. 33% of them which install the app, uninstall it ~1.5 days later.

Enough words. Graph speaks well:

Bikosaur Android Statistics December 2018

Thank you all for this. It’s encouraging!

Honestly, I don’t know yet what may happen in 2018, but I’ll continue working on Bikosaur aside my work and in my spare time. I can tell I plan some more updates with: auto-login (oh, yeah!), new environments, new enemies, etc.

If you have any suggestion or ideas you’d like to share, just send me an e-mail at sleepingpandagames[at]

Now, let me share with you what’s new on version 1.2.3.


  • Added a “Skip Tutorial” button on 1st time play, and a “Skip Help” button to close Help screen at any time;
  • [iOS/Android] I modified IAP process with an in-app purchase confirmation that also allows User to Restore Purchases if he recently purchased “Remove ADS” item. Previous version 1.2.2 (125) were rejected by Apple because of its iOS restriction: any app that features IAP must have a Restore Purchases button. It isn’t the same for Android. I didn’t know that… My bad!
  • Added some important debugging information to the in-game developer console. You shouldn’t worry about that, it’s only to help me debug things.

Bug fixes

  • [iOS/Android] I fixed a visual bug where “Remove ADS” text was overlaying notification text if you were offline;
  • [iOS] I removed an infinite event that triggers while User taps on “Remove ADS” text. This was only happening on iOS devices.

Well, that’s all for now!

Talk to you soon.

I wish you all my best for this New Year 2018. ❣🎉🎆

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