Bikosaur v1.2.1 — New App Icon & IAP

I was not that satisfied with previous app icon. Mostly its flat yellow background which looks too simple. So, I redesigned it.

Bikosaur Old Icon App

Bikosaur Icon App

I noticed my downloads increased since the new app icon.

This was also an opportunity to try out Aseprite, an animated sprite editor and pixel art tool. I invite everyone of you, pixel art designers, to try it out! I made the switch, and it’s really fair enough to say it’s really made for pixel art. From early prototype to complex layout, and ofcourse, export.

In-app purchase

Bikosaur Pause screen Remove Ads

As this is my first released game, Bikosaur will remain free forever. I’ll keep it available on iOS/Android and on the web as long as possible so that you may enjoy it, as you wish, wherever you’re, and on whatever device you have (laptop, smartphone, tablet, tv, etc).

Bikosaur on iOS/Android is ads supported since maintaining the game online costs me something — I’m talking about ~150€ per year. 99€ for the Apple Developer account, and 50€ for the domain and server/database.

If you want to play it ads-free, you may pay 0,99 € to remove those ads.
This is also a good way to show me your support, or that you like this game.

Enhancements, and bug fixes

– Game version number is now visible into the game on HUD screens (Pause, Die, Leaderboard, etc). It’ll be easier to define on which version you are while you report me bugs;

– Enhanced ads rendering. Admob now loads a random ad in the background on Pause/Die screen. If ad is loaded, and User press the Restart button — Game is paused, and Admob renders the previously loaded ad. We expect less lags with this new scenario;

– There was a Touch issue while taping top Nut for Konami Code on mobile;

– I previously used an external CSS file for styling those input fields on the Login form. I now use Construct 3 events to stylise it;

– Once the Login box is shown, Browser should auto-focus input text Name. This works only on Android and the web version. For iOS, I’d need to use a Cordova plugin to do it natively — which I don’t want to do since it is an hybrid html5 game.

What’s next

I’m currently busy on implementing Game Center (for iOS) and Google Play (for Android) into the mobile version of the game. This will allow me to add some more fun to the game with achievements, and to auto-login players by using their Game Center/Google Play username for the leaderboard. This way their highscore may be retrieved/saved automatically.

In the meantime, I wish you some happy winter holidays.   

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