Bikosaur v1.1.3 — From C2 to Construct 3

In this new version, you should expect the game to load/play faster on less powerful devices. Ads are now supported.

From Construct 2 to Construct 3

I switched game engine — From Construct 2 to its new version: Construct 3. I don’t use Intel XDK and PhoneGap anymore for compilation, but instead. This change gives me way more control on the output files.

For example, one major great enhancement is the use of Webview+ technology. It helps games run faster on not-so powerful devices as well as perfectly on new capable ones. Ofcourse it depends on game needs, but in my case for Bikosaur it was a must! If you want to learn more about Webview+, here is a nice description from’s documentation: Webview Engine: Webview+

Ads supported

One more important change in this version is that the game is now ads supported. You may expect a random ad to auto-play every 2 times you die. Hopefully you can close it right after 5s of play. I know I won’t make that much money with this, but that’s definetly not my main goal. I don’t want to kill Bikosaur because of ads…

I use Google Admob to generate random ads, and a Construct 3 plugin called Ultimate Ads Plugin from Toby R. This plugin is very easy to use. Once you compile your game using, you just have to add following Cocoon plugins to your project: cocoon-plugin-ads-ios-admob, cocoon-plugin-ads-android-admob.

CBHash plugin for Construct 3

If you noticed my previous update I was talking about a CBHash plugin for Construct 2 that allowed me to add one more extra-level of security into my game. With the great help of my friend, Olivier Deboyser, we were able to MD5-hash all Ajax requests.

And the good news is that there is a Construct 3 version of this plugin. Thanks to blackhornet tool: Plugin Converter, I were able to convert Kyatric‘s plugin. You may download it here.

What’s next?

Now that I switched successfully from C2 to C3, and made Admob works — I plan to implement more native features — like auto-login, achievements, etc — to add some more fun to the game.

Oh! If you have just 2 minutes… I’d really appreciate you leave a review on the Apple Store or Google Play:

Have fun, guys! 🖖

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