Bikosaur v1.1.0 — 1st post-release update

2 weeks after Bikosaur release, it’s time for a small update. This one contains 2 major bug fixes, and 2 new features.

This new version is playable on:

I got very good feedbacks and some suggestions from a few of you. I was amazed to see your scores growing up try after try, and I’m so glad to see people having fun with the game.

Today, I don’t really know what’s next for Bikosaur. My first goal is done – Release my first game. I’ll probably start working on a version 2 that allows me to earn a few euros with it. Like some IAP’s (in-app purchases) that allow you to customize/create your own dinosaur, and some random ads that appear for no more than 10s every 2 games played… Well, something like this. But I really want to keep the game FUN as it is now.

Talk to you soon!
For now, beat some highscores! 😋

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New features:

  • Added a Pause song. Thanks, LaffeTheFox! ❤;
  • Konami Code solution for Touch devices. Why don’t you tap several times on this Nut at the top middle of the screen? 😉;

Bug fixes:

  • Android to go offline even when User is connected. It should not happen anymore;
  • Sometimes invisible cats spawn after more than 10k points. Resolved;
  • When Hero dies while wheeling, he stays doing a wheeling. He shouldn’t. Now fixed;

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