Bikosaur v1.0.0 — Global release 🚀 🎉

Today is a big day! I’m so excited to announce I released version 1.0.0 of Bikosaur this morning. The very first version of the game. No more alpha or beta.

Bikosaur is playable on:

You may view top 100 highscores on

I finally decided to remove any ad from the game. Its Construct 2 admob plugin is good, but not up-to-date with new versions of iOS and Android. This causes few issues that results in weird behaviors.
I will probably add those ads in the version 2 of the game later on.

If you want to read more about what’s new in this version, here is a brief list:

New features:

  • Added a splash screen for mobile version w/ my credits;
  • Added a wheeling feature when accelerating (press B button or Right arrow key);
  • While you’re wheeling you can kill kitties. Note that Thunder item doesn’t make you do a wheeling, it just gives you several speed for 10s;


  • A & B buttons size increased by 40 pixels for accessibility on small devices;
  • No more ads. Removed admob object, and related events;
  • Put back notifications for offline mode, and “is online” events;

Bug fixes:

  • Jump sound was infinitely playing when taping A button;
  • Due to some restrictions from Intel XDK, Music were sometimes not playing on mobile devices;

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