Bikosaur v0.8.6 — Preprod release

One another step achieved before the production release.
This update mostly contains few improvements, and bug fixes.

Bikosaur v0.8.6 Start screen

Click to play

One important new feature to notice is that now you win different points depending on the kitty you kill. Less points with easy ones. More points with harder ones. Some of you (beta testers) asked for this, so here it is:

  • Brown: 25 points;
  • Light Grey: 25 points;
  • Yellow: 50 points;
  • Red: 75 points;
  • Dark Grey: 100 points;

– – – – – – – – – –

New features:

  • You earn different points once you kill a kitty;
  • Added Thunder animation to Hero (while you collect Thunder item, and got acceleration speed for 10s);
  • Added sound effect while:
    • Hero loses a 1/2 life;
    • Hero jumps;
    • Hero is accelerating (not Thunder power-up);


  • Reduced db’s of all sounds;
  • Added missing app icon sizes (mostly for new iPhones);

Bug fixes:

  • No more invisible light grey kitty… S’ry about that!; 😅
  • When game starts, it sometimes has a big hole and/or an obstacle that suddenly appears. Impossible to avoid it;
  • Fixed few animation issues;

What’s next:

  1. Test & debug;
  2. Deploy to iOS & Android for Production
  3. Celebrate game release with a party?; 😍

Talk to you soon!

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