Bikosaur v0.8.5 — Closed beta started

Game updated this morning with a lot of changes/improvements!
I’m also glad to announce that from this version, we started beta tests on iOS & Android. Bikosaur version 1 is almost ready! 😎

Click to play

If you’d like to be part of the beta, please send me your e-mail address at sleepingpandagames[at] Specify if you’re iOS or Android (or both, who knows?).

I spent time re-thinking the very first time you play the game. Title screen has kitty animations now. Random cats appear at random time. Once you press anything, game destroys them and game starts (Hero appearing from left). Quick “how to play” tips are shown to help you understand basic movements of the Hero: jump, and accelerate.

This update might change the dynamic of the game once again. Following feedback from testers, Hero speed now increases progressively 2x faster as well as his boost acceleration reload.

Lots of you asked for it, I implemented some animations. Wheels are spinning. Hero is biking, and jumping. You might also notice that I removed this ugly flashy effect when you are invicible (by collecting the Unicorn steak). Hero now turns pink until power-up timer ends.

For the most cheaty one of you, I added a Konami code. For somes reasons, it only works on desktop devices or ones using a keyboard. I don’t plan to do it for Touch devices since in my opinion the Konami code isn’t aim to be done via Touch screens. Anyway, I’m open to discussion here.

Full list of changes below.

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New features:

  • Player may edit his name or e-mail address by taping on his text name or avatar image while on Pause or Die screen;
  • Added Ride & Jump animations to Hero;
  • Added quick “how to play” tips on 1st game;
  • Added a GameCount variable to count how many tries Player does;
  • Added the Unicorn Steak animation. No more ugly flashy thing; 😉
  • Konami Code added (web version);


  • Added an offline notification message to prevent Player he can’t save his score in offline mode;
  • Game now pauses while unfocusing it (web version);
  • Enhanced StartScreen & first time game:
    • Added some random background objcts, as leafs and apples;
    • Added some random kitties (just because it makes me happy);
    • Once Player “press anything to start”, it kills all visible kitties and Hero comes from left of the screen. Game starts;
  • Once obstacles or ennemies appear for the 1st time, a danger sign appears just before they spawn;
  • Added some animated arrows to help section, and help for 1st game;
  • Updated Help section with more explanations (lifes, get a life back, steaks, etc);
  • Acceleration bar reloads 2x faster;
  • Hero’s acceleration increases 2x faster;

Bug fixes

  • Player is already connected, he logs out. He still has the same highscore, logs in again with same name and e-mail, then it adds a duplicated row on leaderboard. It doesn’t anymore;
  • While taping on Music icon, main song didn’t mute. Now it does;
  • Fixed a preload song function issue. Game preloads faster now;
  • Game Over song didn’t play while Hero dies. Now, it does;
  • While you collected the Unicorn Steak, you didn’t become invicible. Fixed that. Enjoy cats destruction!; 🙃

What’s next:

  1. Add a sound while accelerating;
  2. Implement Thunder animation to Hero;
  3. Deploy & test on iOS & Android;
  4. Export & test a NW.js version of the game — so that game is also playable as a native app on desktop devices (macOS, Windows, and Linux);
  5. Have fun see testers die; 😂
  6. Drink a beer; 🍻

Happy gaming! 👾

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