Bikosaur v0.8.3

I’m so pleased to announce that from this version Player may save his highscore. By taping on trophy icon, he may also view an in-game top 10 highscores leaderboard.

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Bikosaur v0.8.3 Leaderboard

Full leaderboard is available on Leaderboard

This leaderboard solution uses PHP & MySQL. It passes some AJAX requests to connect to database, and get/save highscores.

This is probably not the best solution, but I have to be honest here — This was a tricky part for me. For now, it exactly does its job: save a score and update leaderboard.

I also added few short sounds while Player is doing important actions like: kill a kitty (w/ animation), and collect a Unicorn Steak, Clock or Thunder item. It gives more dynamic to the game.

Well, give a try to this new version and beat some highscores.
Don’t forget to login to save your higher one so that your name appears in the leaderboard. 👾

See you soon!

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New features

  • Added a puff animation while Player kills a kitty;
  • Added following sound effects, while:
    • Player kills a kitty;
    • Player collects a Unicorn Steak;
    • Player collects a Clock item;
    • Player collects a Thunder item;
  • Implemented Login logic and connected game to server — Likeso:
    • Player may login and save his highscore. He must fill-in his name/nickname and e-mail address;
    • Player may logout;
  • Created an in-game leaderboard view of top 10 highscores. Player may access it by taping on trophy icon (while in Pause or Die game state). Full leaderboard is visible on;


  • Cleaned show/hide functions for HUD texts;
  • Cleaned Gamestate changes & related code. Use functions for Hide/Show elements;
  • Cleaned few functions and created an Event Listener function for buttons;
  • Added some “Trigger once” events to clean behavior of HUD buttons;
  • Removed useless Mouse events that were causing conflicts. If you use Touch events in Construct 2, it also works for Mouse users. GJ Scirra!;
  • Fixed inputs width on Login box;
  • Added some offline events. When browser is offline, Leaderboard & Login buttons are inactive;

What’s next

  1. Enhance Leaderboard view. Just to make it prettier;
  2. Export & test a NW.js version of the game — so that game is also playable as a native app on desktop devices (macOS, Windows, and Linux);
  3. Add several song effects;
  4. Update Help section with new features;
  5. Finish Hero animations, and implement them;

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