Bikosaur v0.8.2

This is quite a major update. The gameplay itself still remains the same. This update is more about cleaning a lot my code, from functions to variables, and build HUD stuff (Login, Save score, Leaderboard, etc).

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As promised in my previous post about the accident – An unhappy one – Here are listed all changes of this new version.

I removed the Facebook Login temporarily because I’d like to try 1st with a custom Login and server. I’m still not 100% okay with a handmade solution, but my goal here is to try it out. If it fails, then I’ll probably switch back to the Facebook Login solution.

For now, you can’t save your score. You’ll be able to save your name and e-mail, but my server isn’t linked to the game so your information keeps local. This is part of a huge incoming task for me, so don’t worry.

Same for the Leaderboard, if you open it you’ll see its content is empty. This is also part of the next steps.

Last important change I’d like to talk about is the work from Laffe The Fox. I implemented his two new sounds into the game – Title main song, and a Game Over song. I hope you’ll enjoy them.

Well, I’m done. More change details below.
I wish you a very good week. See you soon with some more updates, and don’t forget to try this new alpha version with Laffe‘s amazing chiptune. 🙃

Cheers! 🍻

– – – – – – – – – –

New features:

  • Added Title and Game Over songs. Thank you, Laffe! ♥
  • No more Facebook. Created custom User account logic with following new variables:
    • UserName;
    • UserEmail;
    • UserIsLogged;
  • Created Login Box logic. Not possible to connect yet. Server side connection is ongoing;


  • Cleaned & ordered a few functions;
  • Optimized general layout rendering (8.4 mb less of memory use – Hell yeah!);
  • Created a PreviousGameState variable which is used for Help & Leaderboard sections to know where Player comes from;
  • Updated Main Theme song w/ a better loopable version. Another big up to Laffe! ♥
  • If you’re using a keyboard, press U as a shortcut to open the Login Box;
  • Cleaned a few things:
    • Added songs preload;
    • Removed Credits temporarily (Author links) due to a bug regarding browser security w/ external links;
    • Removed Facebook login;
    • Removed FB Login feature because of possible conflicts w/ forms;
    • Removed stuff from Falling Leafs feature;

Bug fixes:

  • When game is paused, press Enter, game switched to Play state and then to Undefined (which was wrong);
  • When you die, check help section -> help is finished, you tap next, then application crashes – now, it doesn’t;
  • Login Box now appears when GameState = ConfirmRestart;

Known issues:

  • Help section is quite buggy. I need to edit its code with explanations regarding new features added since version > 0.7… (Thunder item, Acceleration Bar, etc);
  • Leaderboard Box is empty. See 1st task of following To-do list;

What’s next:

  1. Finish Leaderboard process:
    • Finish Leaderboard designs;
    • Place objects and Leaderboard layout;
    • Create logic;
  2. Add several song effects, such as:
    • When Player kill a kitty;
    • When Player loses one 1/2 life;
    • When Player collects Power-up items;
    • etc;
  3. Clean Gamestate changes & related code. Use functions for Hide/Show elements;
  4. Create backend logic to be able to save score;
  5. Link game to server and database likeso user can save his score and view leaderboard;
  6. Edit Help section with new features;
  7. Finish all Hero animations, and implement them;

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