Bikosaur v0.8.0

Alpha version 0.8.0 just released yesterday afternoon.

Click to play

Bikosaur v0.8.0 Screenshot

New features:

  • Thunder item implemented. Once collected, you got a speed acceleration for 10 seconds;
  • Thunder item only appears when score is > 1.200 points, and Hero’s life is >= to 5;

Bug fixes:

  • While score is > 8.500, kitties weren’t appearing. They now do;

I came back from one week of holidays in France.
Doing some snowboard were really inspiring. I got a few more ideas/improvements for the game like using a level system to change background environment.

Hero animation is on its way. I already have riding wheels, next step is Hero itself. I hope to give you some more infos about this for next release.

Cheers! 🍻

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