Bikosaur v0.7.9

I released alpha version 0.7.9 tonight.

Click to play

New features:

  • Added a Thunder item (not yet playable yet);
  • Added “=” & “+” characters to sprite font;
  • Added points animation to following actions:
    • Collecting items;
    • Killing enemies;
    • Accelerating;
  • Added a coin song when Hero collects a steak;
  • Added a timer for Acceleration to be able to re-accelerate every 2s only;
  • Added an Acceleration Bar. Likeso Player knows when he can accelerate again;
  • Added a “Boost ready!” text below Acceleration Bar when Player plays for the 1st time;


  • Added “=” & “+” characters to sprite font;
  • Hero lifes and steak numbers now flash while Hero got 10 steaks. Likeso Player visually understand he just got a 1/2 life back;

Bug fixes:

  • Login & Logout buttons only clickable when HUD menus are shown;
  • Player no longer get points by collecting steaks while he dies;
  • Fixed infinite accelerating issues on Android;
  • When you got 10 steaks, you sometimes got a bonus points and another 10 points at the same time. You now just get that bonus points;
  • When you got 9 steaks, it sometimes resets to 0. It now does that only when you got 10 ones;
  • When you get a power-up for the 1st time, it’s timeleft was set to 0s… It is now 10s as normal;
  • When you already got a power-up, if you collect another one you now get that new power-up instead, and reset back power-up timer to 10s;
  • A few other minor issues;

So, all those improvements/bug fixes already change a lot on the dynamic of the game. You may better understand when you win points or loose life now.
The Acceleration bar gives you a visual status so you better understand when you can boost.

If you have just 5 minutes, I’d love to get some feedbacks on those improvements.

Remember, you can play directly here: you enjoy!

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