Bikosaur v0.7.7

I updated the alpha to version 0.7.7.

Click to play


  • Stop using local server for leadeboard;
  • Started using Facebook services, and added Bikosaur FB Test API Key;
  • Added UserIDStr (from FB API) column to database as Primary Key;
  • Implemented Login & Logout buttons design;
  • Added button labels to Login & Logout buttons;
  • Added logic to Login/Logout, and Leaderboard buttons;
  • Added Ajax object;
  • Added Ajax action “Post to URL” to POST Player’s Highscore – Now, I need to avoid duplicates;
  • Modified Create logic to something more dynamic, and less boring;
  • Added more randomness to Power-ups. Appear at Lvl 5 once HeroBlock is equal to 2;

Bug fixes:

  • Removed unused Admobs plugin. It was generating a few latencies;

I’m now working on the Facebook leaderboard implementation.

You won’t be able to login for now, as I use a test version of the game from Facebook API. I’m currently setting up things to POST scores on my database, and GET them to show a leaderboard. Quite a challenge!

Talk to you soon!😘

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