Bikosaur v0.6.9

As of this morning, I released version 0.6.9 of Bikosaur open alpha.

Click to play

New features

  • Created InputType variable, and logic to detect type of device used;
  • Added some keyboard shortcuts on HUD navigation;
  • Added Music icon to turn on/off game music;
  • Added Wood hurtable item (same behavior as Rock);
  • Added game credits – Author & Composer links;
  • Added PowerUpTimerText object – Likeso Player knows its power-up duration;


  • Cleaned Touch/Mouse controls. Set Touch properties to use mouse event to true (see Touch doc of Construct 2);
  • Enhanced Reset & Clean events with a Destroyable family;
  • Enhanced & reworked Create events (how game generate objects while playing);
  • Enhanced Highscore visibility. Text now looks smaller;
  • Improved Highscore and Local Storage logics;
  • Highscore only shown when Player already has one;
  • Inverted power-up incrementation logic;

Bug fixes

  • Destroy Clock power-up items when Hero passes them away;
  • Fixed a few mirroring issues with Kitties ennemies;
  • Fixed parallax background issue when Highscore > 10k;
  • Kitties were unabled to follow Hero when Highscore > 10k;
  • Added gravity logic to Wood object – It now falls if not on the ground;

See you later for some new updates!

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