Bikosaur Dev Birthday 🎉 2️⃣

Back in August 2016 today, I draw one of the first draft of Bikosaur. I was so excited about how it ended that I instantly opened Construct 3 to set-up a game concept with some placeholders.

Ofcourse I drew more than one draft. I did some research first because dinosaurs are quite specific to draw. I watched a few videos of walking dinosaurs on YouTube, and tried to imagine how could a T-Rex sit on a bike.

T-Rex arms are tiny. So, how could they actually grab a bike? I hear you… Instead of drawing longer arms I should have done a T-Rex riding a monocycle, ha ha. Why not?!

I don’t really remember where the idea of a T-Rex on a bike came from, but I guess I was so inspired by those 90’s cartoons I saw when I was just a child. I think of Denver, the Last Dinosaur mostly.

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