An unhappy one 😪

Today I’m quite sad to announce I wasn’t able to work on Bikosaur past weeks.
Let me tell you why.

About the accident

On Saturday, May 27 my son, my wife and I lived a real nightmare. We had a fire 🔥 accident during a BBQ party.

Luckily my son is fine.
Concerning my dear wife it’s a little more complicated. She saved our son and suddenly she was strongly touched by the flames.
Laetitia, you remain a heroine forever.💫

On my side, the fire spread to a larger surface but less deeply.
I have to say with all this bad luck we still had a lot of chances because it could have been much worse…

Our overall health is improving day by day but ofcourse it will ask us a lot of rest and patience.

I’d like to thank all my family and friends for all their help and positive mindset. It makes us stronger. 💪🏼

About the game

I have to say I realise today that what matter the most is people you love, and care. That’s why I will take a break for a few weeks.

Anyway before the accident happens, I worked hard on optimising the game and creating those leaderboard features.

I’ll share some more information later once my family situation is better – In a few weeks.

Have a great day. 🌤
Take care of those you love. 💖

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