What’s next? A 2nd game in progress

A short time after Bikosaur for Instant Game were released I had that post-release feeling: “Ok. What am I going to do now?“.

Hopefully I got a simple answer: “I’m gonna work on my second game” – Yeah!

Players of Bikosaur really inspired me by trying to find a clever story behind the game. Here are a few quotes & questions I got:

  • Why is he riding a bike?“;
  • Why are those red-eyed kitties so evil?“;
  • Why do I have to grab all those steaks!“;
  • Veggies people are going to hate you!“;

It’s great to get asked this, and it’s so great to see people actually thinking about the game sense, and story.

So, with this second game (c.f.: screenshot above) I’m going to tell a story behind Bikosaur. I plan to build this as a 2D platformer with a baby dinosaur that could be Rex’s son. 😁

I’ve no ideas about the title yet, but time will solve this.